My Journey

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Hello!  My name is Ceci, and I love you. Really!

The more I love, the more complete I am. The more complete I am, the more complete the world around me... 

Loving is how I heal myself; loving is how I help you heal yourself. 


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My Journey - Beginnings: Dis-ease

My unease in and with my body helped create a long and difficult pathway, including (along with lesser ailments):

  • Dysmenorrhea

  • Uterine fibroids (equal to a 7-month pregnancy)

  • Alcoholism

  • Spiritual rupture

  • Prolactinemia

Western medicine provided only limited solutions, despite my being the beloved daughter of an RN (who placed unwavering trust in her field).  

Seeking Different Solutions 

Unwilling to believe I was condemned to a life of misery and pain, I’ve spent over 20 years seeking and finding help and relief from herbalists, iridologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, meditation, 12-step programs, Gestalt therapy, yoga, nutrition, “body whisperers”… all the magical beings and valuable resources contributing to the wealth of wisdom informing my daily choices.  

But, I desired a still fuller connection to myself. 

Emotion Code

I’d been working with my iridologist for 10 years when she introduced me to Emotion Code. The result: an 8-month miracle of regained health. She said: “You must do this. You have a natural gift for this work.”

Living My Vocation

My lifework is: To love each person who asks me to join their journey to freedom.

My offer: A witness to your journey. 

Whether long or short, if you invite me, I will be honored to accompany you. 


When we love, we relate. Choose love! Escoge el amor!