By Ceci’s reading and wisdom she swiftly found buried emotions and swept them away like an professional creating space in the psyche. Bringing suppressed or unacknowledged emotions out to daylight to set free, I don’t know how else to describe her work but intuitive, healing, and magical.

I have observed that since Ceci’s session I have felt like a more complete version of me. There is so much less baggage around some of these feelings that I used to be triggered by. I feel lighter, like so many unaddressed feelings were finally addressed .
Ceci’s presence is angelic, I believe like a past life physic, Ceci has taken her intuitive work to another level by finding the channel to heal her patients in a moment. I felt safer and more held than ever before. Totally not judged for a moment to honestly pinpoint my more negative emotions that I purposely avoided, because I was so safe and in the right place to deal with these emotions effectively by letting her take them away, as they were no longer useful to carry inside anyway!

Ceci checked in with me that week to see how I was, and was there for any questions I had, reassuring me she was there for me and easy to reach.
— Sarah H (Therapist)
I felt so held and safe with Ceci and I felt clearer and lighter after our session. I felt the promise of beautiful transformation.
— Mindy
I always arrived at Ceci’s unsure of what to expect but somehow knowing that I was meant to be there. I felt compelled to get up early each day we had a session scheduled and was excited about what was to come. For a few visits I wasn’t even sure what issues I would need to work on but she intuitively brought each issue to the surface without any prying or invasiveness. Sometimes my tears just flowed and I knew I was working through what I needed to. Other times I felt a calm over issues that had previously made my blood boil just thinking about! Other times during the session I just felt good like I would after a massage or a great vacation.

Emotional or spiritual clearing
Ceci used a list of emotions, her hands and a magnet that rolled up and down by back to clear issues that had been previously weighing me down or keeping me stuck. Its hard to explain exactly how it worked but I consistently felt free and light regarding the old problems I came in with. Without knowing Ceci beforehand I really trusted her with some issues that many people might have sought out a therapist but I am confident that she worked out my issues in a way that talk therapy never would.

When I began working with Ceci I was really in despair about things that were going on regarding my career. I consider myself a self-aware and spiritual person, one who knows that one’s worth is beyond titles and and material possessions. However something at my core contained a strong feeling of lack of worth and it was holding me back on most every section of my life. I was feeling symptoms of PTSD and despite having drastically lowered my work load and responsibilities and I still felt incapable of so many of my dreams. Since working with Ceci, I learned to accept and love where I’m at exactly as I am and clearing the strange stuck feelings in my body that had overtaken me. It may sound like a small step but for me it was huge and changes in my life reflected that swiftly...I immediately doubled my income had a serious talk with my boyfriend about exactly what I wanted from life (and he supported my feelings! which I feared for so long that he would not). Now Im coming up with new ideas for self employment and am so excited to try them and investigate some new ways to earn and contribute. Im tearing up writing this in amazement with what has changed. She also intuitively detected a problem with my sister and I that I didn’t even plan on telling her about. (At that time I wasn’t even admitting to myself how much the strained relationship was causing me sadness and anxiety.) My relationship with my sister was in what seemed like unrepairable trouble but after working with Ceci all the weight of previous problems is lifted on my end. I thank Ceci every time I see her for the changes that occurred seemingly on the plane of the heavens after my work with her.

Ceci has an amazing loving energy. Once I stepped into her space and met her I felt comfortable immediately. Ive worked with many coaches and spiritual healers and I find Ceci to be amazing in the way she heals without emotionally pushing, tugging, shaming or selling. Instead there is a pure sense of love and gratitude that seems to drive her in a powerful way. Her style really resonated with me and was exactly what I needed to heal.

Ceci always followed up at the perfect times and loving and non-intrusive way. She would often send me a cheerful email checking in after our sessions. I remember once, Ceci sent me an email on the exact day that I had a meeting with my sister. This was after Ceci and had done some work on my strained relationship with my sister. Ceci and I were both so excited and pleasantly surprised at the coincidence. It was nice to find some connection and joy with Ceci (even via email! :)) at a moment that I was quite nervous about. The fact that Ceci seemed to sense what was going on with me gave me a lot of confidence to make the meeting with my sister a peaceful loving one.
— Rachel
I recall arriving with frustration and heartache. The Emotion Code ceremony invited the anxiety to surface as I felt seen and held with love and tenderness. The weeks following I felt the courage and ease to choose with clarity.
— Lucy
I had my first Emotion Code healing session with Ceci about a month ago. During our session I felt layers of blocks being broken and felt lighter and lighter with each step. After our session ended, Ceci offered me her crystal mat to lay on and that felt like a great realignment for my body.
The biggest changes, however, came after our session. We worked on blockages around my career that seemed to be stalled for a year now. I started getting more interviews, landed a very lucrative occasional gig and then my dream job!
I am really grateful for her healing energy and will definitely come back to work with Ceci around other issues in my life.
— Nicole
Before the session I was interested but not at all sure what it would be about
During the session I felt a loosening and warming throughout my body, and a sense of joyful release emotionally
It wasn’t difficult at all. All I did was show up!

I appreciated the clarity of stating my intentions for the session. After that, it was all about following my own intuition regarding what to say to Ceci about the images, words, thoughts etc that came to mind. For me it was all about relaxing and letting a very non-intellectual and intuitive wave of comfort flow, which Ceci guided and assisted in a quiet, confident and loving way.

I’d had a sore neck that was gone after the session, and I felt both relaxed and energized. The session opened up a whole arena of investigation around deserving that I hadn’t ever considered before.

During the session, I felt held, safe, connected and able to explore whatever came up.

Ceci made it very clear she would be there for questions, further sessions, or whatever I needed. I will definitely be going back!
— Lise
I learn so much from Ceci, she really loves my being as I show up cranky or determined or exhausted.
Ceci has the most gentle and sweet yet firm and grounded way of witnessing me and whatever is stuck in me reveals itself during the session with her, sometimes to my own surprise.
I may not have realized that during my first session with her as I was more curious about her process rather than being concerned with removing my stuckness, but I noticed I burped a lot for no reason. It was as if those burps were the expressions of my unspoken pressed down energy!
I like having sessions with Ceci so much better than traditional talk therapy!! Stories and words are empty without the energy that carries them, and Ceci draws out those trapped energies.
Now I giggle when burps come during the sessions, and my heart wall is no longer oppressing me and I’m closer to embodying my free spirit self.
I will keep working with Ceci. I highly recommend multiple sessions with her.
— Camille
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